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About us

AL-SANI Montessori Teachers Training Institute Karachi.

“AL-SANI Institute Of Montessori System (IMS) is one of the best “Montessori Teachers Training Institute Karachi” in Karachi, Pakistan serving since year 2007. Modern Montessori Teacher’s Training methods are used to train our students. Multiple courses are offered for females only including: Proficiency Diploma in Montessori Education . Short Certificate Courses For Montessori Directress . Executive Montessori Diploma Courses for Housewives, Professionals and Working Women (Only on Saturdays). 10 Days Montessori Workshop. Thousands of students have successfully passed out and been appointed in the prestigious Montessori schools in Pakistan and abroad.”

Al-Sani is without a doubt the Best Montessori teachers training Centre in Karachi. Correspondingly It is  in the heart of City Karachi Pakistan. It is the Montessori teachers training Centre in Karachi offers Montessori’s Diploma Courses, Montessori’s short courses & Montessori workshops  with modern Montessori techniques. In addition, English language classes are also conducted only for girls powered by Oxford university press London. Furthermore Montessori Directresses  are given special discount in fees of language. In addition, Montessori material are also supplied in the Montessori schools. In brief, Maria Montessori Who is the founder of AMI Association Montessori International also called this method simply help to life.

The Montessori schools has established in all over the world, and each one differs from the others. Each school has its own unique method but how did the Montessori method come about?. Hence The original methods of learning is not only based on any scientific method, but shortly based on the traditional method. That was not good throughout Europe and the Middle East. The development of the system of learning as Montessori, is thought to have come from Europe in the early 1900s.


Since 2007

Only For Females


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